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Pensacola is home to the world’s largest artificial reef, the former Attack Carrier, USS ORISKANY (CVA 34).  In addition to the “Mighty O” there are over 100 additional dive sites in depths within the full range of recreational dive limits as well as additional technical diving sites.  Pensacola can accommodate your diving needs, whether you are beginning your diving adventure or are a seasoned veteran who has been around the world.  Contact us and we will assist you in planning your trip, regardless of your requirements.
Pensacola Dive Sites

The “Mighty O” was reefed 23 nautical miles southeast of the Pensacola Pass on May 17, 2006.  Depths on the wreck range from will within recreational limits at 80 feet to advanced technical diving at depths of over 200 feet.  














Oriskany was commissioned into the US Navy in 1950 and during the 25 years of her active service in both the Korean and Vietnam wars she earned seven battle stars and numerous other awards.  Diving a wreck that is over 900 feet long, with an illustrious battle history, is truly a unique experience.  














The of the top of the Oriskany’s island is latitude 30 02.543 N,  longitude 087 00.374 W.  If you are planning on going to the “O” on a private vessel and it is your first trip, please contact us so we can provide you with the latest site information and tips on tying into the wreck.  There are no surface buoys to attach to and anchoring can be difficult due to the size of the wreck.  We will be happy to help you anyway we can.

Other Pensacola Sites

There are numerous other dives sites in Pensacola that offer a wide variety of dive experiences.  For beginners there are artificial reef modules and barges in depths of 70 feet or less.  These sites offer opportunities for new divers or great warm up locations for some of Pensacola’s deeper sites.














Divers interested in historical wrecks can dive the Brass Wreck, a schooner that was sunk by fire in the Gulf in the 19th century, the USS MASSACHUSETTS (BB 2) archaeological preserve, or the freighter San Pablo, which was sunk as a target during WW II.  All of these wrecks offer a diverse selection of marine life due to the length of time they have been underwater.













Other dive sites in Pensacola include oil rig jackets like the Chevron and Tenneco Rigs.  If you want to dive on “ship wrecks” there are sites like the Navy Dive Tenders (YDT) and the Oilfield Supply Vessel Pete Tide II.  There are also numerous reef modules and bridge rubble piles that have a great deal of life on them due to their unique structure and relief.

Dive Site Links

One of the most definitive list of Pensacola’s dive sites is located on MBT Diver’s web site.  Their list of GPS Numbers for different locations is located here.  As it says on their site, we strongly encourage you to contact us, or MBT Divers, before attempting the smaller sites to that we can verify to the best of our ability that the sites still exist after the hurricanes of 2004-2006.  


The official list of Escambia County Artificial Reef Sites is located at the Escambia County Marine Resources Division’s web site.  On this site there is a list of artificial reef sites as well as .pdf charts of the local site and reef distribution areas.













Should your vacation include Fort Walton Beach or Destin and not Pensacola, here is a link to Destin’s Public Reefs.  It should be noted that it is a longer ride to the Oriskany from the Destin Pass than from Pensacola.


If you are staying and diving just to the west of Pensacola in Orange Beach or Gulf Shores, here is a list of Alabama Artificial Reefs.

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