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Due South Custom Charters’ mission is to provide our divers with a private, comfortable charter experience.  Since we carry a maximum of six divers per trip we have the ability to cater to specific needs.   Our boat can be personally chartered for you and friends with prior scheduling or if you are a solo diver or have a small group, just give us a call and we will work you into our schedule.  Due South welcomes divers of all skill levels, from divers right out of their first Open Water class to advanced deep water and technical divers.  We are a full time charter operation that runs all year, seven days a week.  We can meet your needs and look forward to the opportunity to make your Pensacola dive experience a memorable one.
What to Expect

Our Vessel

Due South Custom Charters is a “six-pack” operation that focuses on you, the customer.  Captain Dalton takes divers out on our Glacier Bay 2665 Canyon Runner. “Jolly Mon”.  


Catamarans are known for their ability to handle the ocean well and Glacier Bay is well known for the quality of their NMMA awarded vessels.  We love the way the boat handles and dives, and think you will too.  Whatever your requirements, from Open Water checkouts to technical diving, photography to spearfishing, the “Jolly Mon” can meet your needs.











What we supply

For near shore, or half day, trips Due South provides all of the water you can drink, snacks, ice and cooler space it you want to bring anything specific.  On longer range trips like the Oriskany or Avocet lunch is also provided.  Lunches may vary dependent on what our catering company has been doing so if you want to bring something along for a trip, you are more than welcome to.  The “Jolly Mon” also has a private head if needed.













What you need to bring

- Your dive gear, if you need us to coordinate any rentals we will be happy to assist you.

- Anything you want to drink besides water.

- Any specific food requirements you may have.

- Sunscreen.  We have some on the boat but honestly, it may not suit your needs.

- C-cards and logbook.


There is no sport in the world like spearfishing and Pensacola is a great place to pursue it.  Whether you are a beginner or advanced hunter Due South can help you pursue your favorite pastime.












The “Jolly Mon” has both a state charter fishing license and NOAA Federal Fisheries permits.  This means that you can legally hunt in state or federal waters off of Pensacola without the purchase of a fishing license.  











Due South complies with federal and state regulations and will brief divers on current openings before the dives.  There are fish identification cards on the “Jolly Mon” to assist divers before they begin their dives.  All fish will be measured to insure they meet regulatory requirements.














Some structure holds certain kinds of fish better that others.  Spearfishing from a six passenger vessel ensures that we have the flexibility to go where the fish are.













Spearfishing charters are the same rate as our normal charters but walk-on hunters are not accepted.  We must communicate with you prior to a spearfishing charter so that we can be sure that your desires for the charter are met.  Please contact us, we look forward to it.

Pricing and Policies

Regularly Scheduled Charters


Oriskany                                         $150.00

      Two tank trip on the world’s largest

       Artificial reef.


Two Tank Inshore                          $90.00

      Trips out to 12 miles in depths ranging

      from 45 to 100 feet.  


Two Tank Offshore                      $125.00

       Trips further offshore to some of the

        deeper sites ranging from 90 to

         130 feet.


Night Dives

        Available on all of our sites.  Prices          vary with site.  Please contact us for

        more information.


Special Events

        There are numerous special events in

         the Pensacola area throughout the

          year.  Whether it is a Blue Angel Air

          Show or just an evening dolphin

          cruise, we can meet your needs.

          Just call us and we can work out

           the details.


Private Charters


Private charters provide the customer with a few extra options including choosing the trip destination and departure time, having the boat to yourself and your buddies, and ensuring the boat is available.  We recommend booking this six weeks in advance during the summer.


Half Day two tank (six hours)   $650.00  

Oriskany (two  tank)                  $900.00

Full Day (eight hours)               $1200.00


Cancellation Policy


Regularly Scheduled Charters:

All charters require a credit card or cash deposit to reserve a seat.  A 48 hour cancellation policy applies, you must cancel your reservation 48 hours prior to the trip to receive a refund. The reason for that is that you have prevented some other diver from making the trip.  If there is an extenuating circumstance please don’t hesitate to discuss it with us.


Private charters:

A 14 day cancellation policy applies to your private charter reservation by.  You must cancel your trip 14 days prior to the scheduled date to receive a refund of your 50% deposit. Cancellations of private charters less than 14 days before the trip and "no shows" will be charged the agreed private charter rate unless re-booking is possible.


The Captain reserves the right to cancel a trip for any reason he deems necessary.  If the Captain cancels the trip prior to the trip departing, or due to conditions at the Pensacola Pass, a full refund will be granted.  If passengers choose to suspend the trip, a fee will be charged.  If the Captain has to suspend the trip due to a diver’s conduct, that diver will be charged full price.

Due South Custom Charters
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